• v0.1: September 10, 2019 Microsoft Azure AI Contest Entry. Unfortunately, DrawmaticAR did not win - and the app incurred hundreds of dollars in Azure fees... not sustainable for a free app!
  • v0.2: January 28, 2020 Thanks to Jaime for discovering my app. Revitalized with newfound purpose in education for K-3 creativity, writing, printing, and cursive! Revamped UI. Released an updated version using Google Cloud Vision research credits. Underlines in red wrongly spelled nouns and yellow-highlights correctly spelled and identified nouns!
  • v0.3: Feb 3, 2020 Verb-ing/Adj Animations are fixed! You can now have these modifiers:
    1. dancing
    2. jumping
    3. climbing
    4. talking
    5. yelling
    6. looking
    7. sleeping
    use verb modifiers such as yelling gypsy or climbing pirate to apply animation actions to your written noun!! And also sizing modifiers:
    1. big
    2. small
    3. medium
    4. tiny
    5. huge
  • v0.4: Spatial UI hints. You can now your characters interact with the paper by walking to different places. Try writing these phrases:
    1. [Lexicon character word] enjoys [running|walking] [across|around] the paper from [top to bottom|edge to edge|coast to coast]
    2. For example, try writing: The ninja enjoys running across the paper from top to bottom.
    3. Or: The pirate enjoys walking around the paper.
  • v0.45: VDay special. Write "Turn my words into candy hearts" for a fun surprise!
  • v0.47: GIF recording
  • v0.48: Testflight Character Casting Mode
  • v0.48: Foreign Language Nouns! And also Candidates 2020
  • v0.5: [coming soon] more spatial hints! More 3D models!
    1. likes added for running/walking animation (not just enjoys)
    2. [Lexicon character word] enjoys [running|walking] to random places
    3. [Lexicon character word] enjoys visiting their lexicon word
    4. [Lexicon character word] enjoys hunting for carrots - and you can tap to place carrots for that character to hunt!
    5. Select 3D models sourced from Sketchfab and beyond. DM me your requests on Twitter!
  • v0.51: [coming soon] User Friendly In-App Tutorials!
  • v0.6: [coming soon] Spells!
  • v0.7: [coming soon] Interaction with objects